The iLink2Music Team

Sarkis A. Tsaoussian

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Sarkis A. Tsaoussian is a dynamic, engaging and visionary leader with numerous achievements.  He is a seasoned senior executive and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of senior level management experience in a variety of different industries including restauration, financial services, music and social media.

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In 1993, Mr. Tsaoussian joined a restaurant chain as a field supervisor and progressed through more responsible positions serving as secretary treasurer and director.  In 1997 he was appointed as president and chief operations officer of the organization. Mr.  Tsaoussian led the creation of the chain’s first bilingual website and was in complete charge of the call centre that employed close to forty agents, including the IT department and human resources. He also managed all on-going online programming and was a facilitator in franchisee/franchisor relations.

In late 2004, Mr. Tsaoussian formed Satsa Management Inc., a company that he used for various business ventures and consulting purposes.

In 2008, Mr. Tsaoussian was appointed as president of the province of Quebec of a pizza chain with over 120 franchised locations in the greater Toronto area.

In September 2012, Mr. Tsaoussian started to dedicate all of his time to researching and developing social media platforms and strategies with regards to the music entertainment industry.

Mr. Tsaoussian is also a musician/keyboardist with extensive live stage and studio experience. He started playing the accordion at the age of five, then moved on to piano and organ. By the age of thirteen, Mr. Tsaoussian was sharing the stage with choirs and a multitude of accomplished classical musicians, playing the pipe-organ. Music was a passion, whether it was Latin, Mediterranean, American. He decided to part with classical music a year later and started performing as a pop keyboardist.  Over the next twenty years he organized, promoted, participated and performed for numerous events and fund-raising functions at several community centers and venues, particularly the ethnic and Mediterranean ones all over North America and even Europe.  In addition, he took complete charge of all music entertainment programs, sound systems and performed alongside a variety of musicians and vocalists from around the globe giving him priceless international music experience while simultaneously teaching him the fundamental importance of relationships.

Hagop Ghazarian

Chief Operating Officer

Experienced Leader and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of management, accounting, Marketing and financing experience. Has a proven ability to improve operations and reduce expenses to make overall operations more profitable.

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Mr. Ghazarian is a focused leader and is recognized for delivering superior results.

He is well qualified executive with over 20 years of management in high level corporate operations. M.Ghazarian is a visionary, with a track record for finding ways to grow revenue and increase margins.

He is known for managing turnaround projects with 100% success rate. M. Ghazarian has a tremendous Experience in negotiating of high level contracts. He has Managed million-dollar budgets and championed the development and implementing of strategic plans with innovative social media marketing ideas in various different companies.

Leveious Rolando

Chief Convergence Officer

Mr. Rolando is a co-creation consumer pioneer/strategist for brand, social & political impact methodologies in user-controlled media. He brings over twenty-six (26) years of experience in user research, events management, brand strategy, military intelligence/research, empathic insight and global diverse cultural sensitive communications, sensory branding, psycho-graphical memetic engineering, and has also developed global digital-mobile commerce business models.

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Leveious comes from a family who pioneered Latino-Brazilian Music-Media and a major Latino Food Products Company: Goya Foods.

Leveious is at the forefront of Soft power which is “defining a nation’s Cultural and National assets as cultural” – power culture influence-diplomacy. Leveious’ early education – a two (2) year summer program at Oxford as a Mensa child student – shaped his life, and the Jewish Yeshiva opened his mind to think within the context of a question with a question: Critical Thinking. With that in mind, Lev was trained in Wing Chung/Ninjutsu at an early age from Sensei Yip Chan & Frank Dux (WorldFamous Martial Artist & Former Secret Agent). Leveious was also mentored by many to many to mention.

In 1995, Leveious was part of the marketing team that developed the first internet cafe in Southern California (Venice) called Cyber Java; at the time, he was just a young man. This group of individuals gave birth to numerous streaming web broadcast Companies such as Xing Technologies, Digital Broadcast Systems and many others. At the same time, he was the co-founder of a consortium of companies & executives who created Leveious taught autistic & special needs children the Vocational Schools System and he also co-facilitated multi-sensory models in conjunction with special needs children which in turn have been adopted across the globe.

Mr. Rolando has a keen understanding of the global cultural mindset. The reason for this is his diverse multi-cultural background – languages and linguistics – and his understanding on how language affects ideas and concepts. He uses this to bridge relationships in personal and business surroundings. Leveious is engaged in experiential co-creation marketing which is the art of creating facilitation with user experience, where the result is an emotional connection to a person, brand, product or idea.

He has worked with companies such as Cisco systems, Orange mobile, German T-Mobile, leading South Korean Mobile Companies, as well as leading government research groups. His current passion is exploring how brands are being impacted by blogs and other social applications and how co-creation is changing the dynamics of the digital-mobile landscape in real time. More than anything, Leveious is a producer of human talent; having a keen insight into strengths that even the talented seldom realize they possess themselves. Furthermore, Lev is able to match-make the talented with the creative, making big things happen with those collaborations. He is the ultimate talent scout.

Mr. Rolando has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment including Michael Jackson, Ted Fields, former entertainment attorney Robert Tauro, producers Jeff Sotzing and Paul Brownstein, the Sandy Gallen Management camp and many other entertainment giants. He was an early forerunner in dance/entertainment as a dancer/choreographer and stage manager, where he took those skills to the next level as project manager to bring together the talent and skills of others in order to develop and implement strategic user experience concepts for global companies. Sandy Gallen, former manager of Michael Jackson says quote: “…he has an uncanny insight of people’s inner talents and skills, that’s why I brought him in to work with Michael Jackson as a creative consultant and cultural competence facilitator.” He worked in conjunction with the MJ creative team to compose concepts for MJ events; that changed the entertainment industry dynamically. Leveious led the global consumer development of marketing independent Hip-Hop and Latin music labels that became the template for the industry. He was instrumental in the early adoption of these genres along with the integration of user convergence embedded into the youth market product placement industry. In 2000, he was commissioned to research and co-write a white paper for one of the world’s largest multi media companies in order to show how the internet and digital devices would radically change the Music and Advertising industry.

A former lead research analyst at RAND Corporation, he performed research analysis, technical writing, critical infrastructure, information theory and interdisciplinary and quantitative problem solving via translating theoretical concepts from formal economics and the hard sciences into novel applications that he reported to the Council of Foreign Affairs. He was a project manager for Cisco Systems and has served as an executive and as a concept writer with numerous entertainment giants including NBC, Carson Productions, Sony Records and Interscope. Leveious developed successful strategies for company dangers in creating youth centered events that drove the sales of T-Mobile Sidekick which radically changed how mobile devices were seen as people centric devices.

Mr. Rolando was also a facilitator for the Forrester Market Research Team that published the March 2000-2001 “U.S./Global Urban X-Y Generations Online Population” and “Premiere Business Intelligence” reports. In 2007, Leveious spearheaded the MTV Germany Interactive Music Awards; that changed the purchasing and buying of users and was adopted as the model for the China Olympics and the World Cup in Africa. He is now building the framework for countries’ soft power platforms; included are nation-world leaders such as South Korea, China, Cuba and Brazil and he is also the co-founder of I am Mongolia (Soft Power Consortium), which is approved by the Mongolian Government. Mr. Rolando has a Master’s Degree in Quantum Theory, Tel Aviv.

Peter Bahlawanian

Director of Contests and Productions

Over 25 years of producing experience, creator of the Armenian Music Awards and numerous festivals internationally. A branding and networking guru, Peter has worked with legends like John Densmore from the Doors, Stewart Copeland from the Police and renowned bands like System of a Down and the Scorpions.

Ricky St. Hilaire

Vice President of Content Creation & Celebrity Contesting

Ricky St. Hilaire will align iLink2Music’s technology-related decisions with the company’s music and social media celebrity contesting goals, overseeing research and development, monitoring technology and social trends, and maintaining current information about technology standards and compliance regulations.

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Mr. St. Hilaire has won two Grammy Awards for his work on the albums Halfway Tree (Damian Marley) and Songs In A Minor (Alicia Keys) and has received several more nominations. He has won numerous Billboard Music Awards and over 30 of his records have sold platinum.

St. Hilaire discovered Jessica Simpson, recorded her first pop demo and was instrumental in signing her deal with Sony Records. He has helped create and arranged some of the most recognizable songs in pop and R&B history including, My Love Is Your Love (Whitney Houston), Stressed Out (Tribe Called Quest), What’s Happening (Method Man) and Working Class Hero (Paula Cole).

In the mid ’90s, Ricky worked exclusively for Whitney Houston and her record label before joining Wyclef Jean’s and Jerry Wonder’s production team. With Wyclef and Jerry, St. Hilaire collaborated on chart topping singles including My Love Is Your Love (Whitney Houston), which he recorded, arranged and mixed. The dream team, as the three were considered, worked on some of the biggest remixes: No, No, No Remix (Destiny’s Child), Getto Superstar Remix (Praz, Mya and Old Dirty Bastard) and Maria Maria (Carlos Santana remix). They also worked together with Mya, the Black Eyed Peas and City High. In 1999 Ricky accompanied Wyclef on piano as they performed at John F. Kennedy Jr.’s funeral.

Ricky St. Hilaire has been part of Busta Rhymes’ production team since the album “The Coming.” He produced, arranged, mixed and engineered on that album, which included singles Whoo Ha- Got Ya All In Check, Everything Remains Raw and Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See. His work has appeared on every Busta Rhymes album to date including features with Mariah Carey, Lumidee and the Neptunes and Rhymes’ most recent album The Big Bang. Ricky also engineered and mixed Busta Rhymes’ In the Getto featuring Rick James.

Ricky St. Hilaire has scored, sound engineered and contributed to the soundtracks of several major motion pictures. He was the project coordinator for the film Life (Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence), and was also responsible for engineering, arranging and mixing the score. His filmography also includes Set It Off (Jada Pinkett Smith, Vivica A. Fox, Queen Latifa), Dangerous Ground (Ice Cube, Elizabeth Hurley) and Spike Lee’s Get On The Bus (Bernie Mac, Charles S. Dutton, Ossie Davis). In addition, he provided the scoring and sounds for numerous independent films like Mercy Street, featured at the Toronto Film Festival. In 2005, St. Hilaire began his own film production company, where he developed a successful system for film production, minimizing investor’s risk, yet still maximizing their rate of return.

In 2006, St. Hilaire switched gears and helped start up a social networking website called There he took up a leadership role on the development team, which helped reach over two million users by 2008.

“We are very excited to welcome Ricky to the team,” states Mr. Tsaoussian, President of iL2M. “In addition to being a brilliant business strategist and visionary, he knows how to motivate people and talent, and is a high-velocity agent for change and innovation. His influence, insights and expertise will be a great advantage to the company as a whole.”

James A. Ruggiero

Vice President of Fashion & Film Contesting / Senior Advisor

A native New Yorker, Ruggiero is a well-respected and experienced Fashion and Beauty photographer. After a thirteen-year career of many achievements in law enforcement, his creative talents lead him to photography, where he worked with some of the world’s most prestigious photographers.

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During his start, he learned the art of still photography while working with world-renowned still photographer “Hashi”. As Ruggiero’s talents grew, he was recognized and hired as first assistant and studio manager by legendary Fashion/Beauty photographer Francesco Scavullo, who is best known for shooting the covers for Conde Nast Publications and Cosmopolitan Magazine for over twenty-five years. He has additionally worked with photography giant Richard Avedon.

Ruggiero has lived and worked in several countries including Japan, Austria, Italy, Paris, Zurich, Germany and the Caribbean. He has worked with companies and publications such as Dentsu Advertising, Shiseido Cosmetics, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Allure and Cosmopolitan. Ruggiero has also worked with many of the top names in the fashion industry such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Paulina Porizkova, Elle Macpherson and more. In addition, he has furthermore worked with many of the top talent in the motion picture industry such as Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Barbra Streisand, Bill Cosby, Heather Locklear, Susan Sarandon, Monica Bellucci, Kim Basinger, Ron Howard, Madonna, Luther Vandross and more.

Ruggiero’s executive titles include Executive Producer, Producer and Director. He has had the honor to work alongside Mr. Dan Petrie Sr. (“A Raisin in the Sun” and “Fort Apache, The Bronx”) as Executive Producer/Producer of his documentary “Try To Remember: The Fantasticks,” and on the world renowned longest running Broadway hit theatrical “The Fantasticks” starring Liza Minnelli, Jerry Orbach, F. Murray Abraham, Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt and Rita Gardner.

Ruggiero has owned and operated two successful New York based modeling agencies. He is currently President of Still Moving Pictures and is a Film Producer at United Spirits Film Company.

“Bassy” Bob Brockmann

Chief Creative Officer

“Bassy” Bob Brockmann is a Music Producer, Music and Film Mixer and Tech Entrepreneur. As a Producer
and Mixer, Bob has won two Grammy Awards and has been nominated 30 times. His records, by artists such
as Biggie, TLC, JayZ, Kanye, Christina Aguilera and Herbie Hancock, have sold in excess of 250 million units.

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His film work has been nominated for an Oscar and his recent film “Cam”; won two awards at Fantasia Fest and was immediately picked up for release by Netflix. Bob is the Founder and CEO of AdVRtze, a Media and tech platform in New York City. AdVRtze monetizes Content with a new immersive shopping platform called VCommerce (video commerce).

In 2009 Mullins formed The GWill Media Agency to extend the arm of promoting, beyond traditional & contemporary expectations bringing brands & artists together to create revenue generating opportunities. Mullins led the group in securing funding for Idris Elba, DJ Pharris, Ne-Yo, Paris Hilton & Columbus Short events. After a couple of years, GWill Media expanded its brand to include Talent Management, Public Relations, Promotions, Brand Management and Artist Development. With its strategic alliances GWill Media allows its clients to benefit from decades of experience in marketing their brands.

Youssef Atrassi

Marketing Team Director

Computer graphics expert with 10 years of experience in imagery, videography and motion graphics and 6 years of experience in the industry of web design. Proven ability to build and maintain relationships, organized and detail-oriented with excellent time management skills.

Aret Sevan

Senior Manager of I.T.

Mr. Sevan is the president for a website development and project managing firm, SEVANCO. He provides leadership for the continued development of an innovative, robust, and secure information technology environment throughout each development project for his clientele.

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Bringing over 30 years of experience in the field of information technology, Aret has a diverse background in corporate settings, with extensive experience in online presence, programming, design, 2D/3D animation and much more. Managing a development team of 15-20 people, many professional websites (including mobile apps) have been developed for mid to large-scale companies and events. Aret works closely with marketing teams and SEO specialists to get the most out of online presence. Having the experience and knowledge in both programming and graphic design, Mr. Sevan provides solid communication with development teams to meet each clients’ expectations.

Mr. Sevan has vast technical knowledge as: Team leader – Project manager – Programming (PHP, .NET, Java, C, C++, Javascript, HTML5) – Photoshop – Illustrator – After Affects – SEO Analytics – Marketing emails – WordPress – Joomla – Drupal – CMS – Shopping Carts – and much more.

Sergio Gentile

Vice President of Corporate & Strategic Affairs

More than 20 years in the business community, Mr. Gentile has held various management positions during his career. His professional path has given him great experience for companies with innovative solutions & products.

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At the international level, Mr. Gentile has collaborated on projects with Chinese, European & American Multinationals, from IT to Automotive to Health Industries. Moreover, he has vast experience in government relations & is a specialist in R&D projects.
Professional experiences: Government of Canada (General Manager),
LauMac Consulting (President), Nemo Electric Trucks (Vice-President),
Tryacorp Solutions (Vice-President), Asteria Performance (CEO).

Presently Mr. Gentile is Chairman of The TryaGroupInc. Board.

Samy Kalem

Head of Blockchain Technology & Security

History of successful deployment strategies and marketing initiatives designed to increase revenue. He has a strong background in IT, Blockchain, SEO and SM. Planning, Management, and operations oversight experience, with 10 years in progressive roles with major players. He was also one of the youngest Google Service Partner, CIRA Member and IT director in the federal election campaign of Alfred-Pellan for the Justin Trudeau Team.

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Relationship-building skills and experience, working collaboratively with vendors and customer-facing sales staff coupled with strong leadership skills. One of the youngest Google Service Partner & CIRA Member.
IT director in the federal election campaign of Alfred-Pellan. Hired and Trained more than 50 employees. Proven track record.

Customer Experience :
Liberal Party Of Canada
House Of Commons, SPVM
MediaProd, TCAIM ,SPCA
Regina Assumpta,T4K

Jason Hung


Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox and the advisory board of IOTW, CryptAssit, DEPO, SportsFix, CyClean, ICOMax, BitRewards, DateCoin, eCoinomic, USAT, EVENFOUND, and AllSporter.

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He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also a top expert of ICOBench and IDACB advisor.

Naviin Kapoor


Naviin Kapoor, founder of “The Times or Crypto”, “International Institute of Blockchain Academy”, blockchain & ICO consultant, and a business transformation leader with more than twelve of experience in project management and business analysis and more than one year of experience in ICO implementation, cryptocurrencies, ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, EOS, consensus protocol and distributed/shared ledger technology. He has also attained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL, PSM 1 & CSM.

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He had worked on various banking transformation projects – “sustainable and disruption”, which were initiated in various domains such as Retail Banking, Cash Management, Integrated Liquidity Management (ILM), Corporate Banking, Asset & Wealth Management, Financial Messaging, Regulatory Sanctions Filtering and Local and International Payment Systems.

Alex Linenko

Co-founder at | Top ICO advisor (Expert the TOP-50 on ICObench)

Alex is a blockhain enthusiast, entrepreneur and practicing expert in crypto economy. 
His highest expertise is in the innovative blockchain projects developing and digital marketing processes automation. Came to blockchain sector in 2015th and immediately got involved with cryptocurrency mining assets, including mining facilities and capacities. In early 2017th has joined Cryptonomy Capital Fund to help launch it’s business and sub-projects, including, token-sale of which raised over $18M, and LedgerPay – fiat-currencies tokenized by blockchain.

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A founder and former CEO at SatangDee – the first peer-to-peer lending platform in Thailand. Co-founder and former CEO at Uptopromo – Indonesian and Thai leading online-marketing automation SaaS solution.
Developed and bootstrapped – a market leader in automatic search engine optimization. Author of books and articles on internet marketing and blockchain technologies. 
Over 10-year career as an Internet entrepreneur founded and co-developed numerous digital marketing and blockchain products.
Current position – Lead Business Development Manager at ICOBox.

Timo Trippler

ICO Advisor (Expert)

Timo Trippler is an ICO Advisor and entrepreneur with FinTech and InsurTech industry background. He is an expert in financial market and risk management with 12 years of experience in financial  ransactions. He advised various successful ICO projects and manages multiple crypto fund portfolios. He has been working in Blockchain field since 2015 and had a large number of various ICOs under his advice.

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He worked with a lot of ICOs and other projects, such as: AirPod, Loyakk, Faxport, Welltrado, Inclusivity, Centareum, Place To Rent, Energy Premier, WeiCrowd, Med-O Network, Vegan Nation, USAT,  Tokenchanger, Autorize, Styxr, U Run It and many more.

Timo joined iLink2Music´s advisor team and would provide professional guidance for iLink2Music´s global fundraising as well as future project incubation and crowdfunding sectors.

He uses his business network to raise funds from institutional Investors, Family Offices, Venture Capital and Private Equity companies. He is currently connected to more than 300 institutional Investors around the world. He travels to Blockchain summits and conferences to meet new investors and to enlarge his fundraising network.

Arlene Decena

Bounty Manager

Is a Registered Nurse and a Professional Coder certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders. She has extensive experience in medical coding and handled inpatient accounts. She is well-versed with Citrix and Microsoft Office Applications. Arlene also served as Data Analyst for 5 years in the BPO industry. She handled projects involving data collection, verification and management of hospital supplies and products. Last year, she entered the Crypto Community and has been managing bounty campaigns and ICO Communities since then.

Daniel Romano

Community Manager

Previously one of the Training specialists for YunCang E-commerce – a global partner of Alibaba Group – handling and managing multiple accounts of exporters from different countries. He ranked #8 out of 150 global lecturers and received an award for having the top sales record in February 2018 competing against global partners of the Alibaba Group in the Global Gold Supplier sales division. An expert on e-commerce and customer service. A crypto enthusiast and trader since 2013.

Joel Robinett

Head of I.T. Infrastructure

Experienced Senior System Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the enterprise technology industry. Skilled and certified in Cloud solutions, Storage Area Network (SAN), VMware ESX, Cisco networking, MCSE and security. Strong information technology professional with a pursuing focus in Information Technology. He has participated and created a number of projects in the last 20 years of his professional career. He has worked for many organisations, from sports teams to International Banking Institutions.

Sylvain Belanger

Head of Research & Development

Graduated in engineering in 1995, more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing companies in the realization and management of development projects with regards to flexible circuit printing, carbon touch screens and electroluminescent membranes. Involved in continuous improvement projects, special projects, managing quality assurance and preparing technical reports for obtaining tax credits. Has collaborated on special projects with large companies (Electrolux, Minn Kota Motors, DuPont, GE Plastics, 3M). Since 2009, has devoted his professional career to consulting activities specializing in the program of tax incentives for scientific research and experimental development (SR & ED).